The Little Cabin Inn, Circa. 1980s

The Story of Haven

In the late 1800’s Paolina and Leo Mazzola immigrated to America from Northern Italy. They came here to build a better life for themselves and their family, and in the early 1920’s they opened The Little Cabin Inn. It was a rest stop for weary travelers along the developing Rt. 9W corridor. It had a restaurant, gas station, and fruit farm, which fed their open-air fruit stand. They ran their business with the help of their children, especially their daughter Rose Mazzola, who married Julius Magyar Sr. in the early part of the 1900’s. Together, they added little rental cabins to the business it continued to grow, along with their family.


In the 1930’s, Julius purchased the beautiful, handcrafted wood bar that is still the heart and soul of the coffee bar we know today.


As decades passed, Rose took over the business, along with the help of her children, Mary Ann and Julius Magyar Jr., and many members of her extended family. They ran it together through the early 1980’s.


In 1982, Rose passed away, and handed the torch over to her children, and the business ran, mostly unchanged until 2005 when MaryAnn fell suddenly ill and The Little Cabin Inn was forced to close indefinitely. That is until 2011 when it was reimagined and reopened as Haven, by Rose’s beloved granddaughter, Julie Magyar Neely.



Julie, growing up her whole life around delicious homemade food and family recipes, inherited the talents of so many of the women and men in her family who came before her. She spent most of her childhood at the Little Cabin Inn or at her other grandparents home in Milton, NY.

She watched her great grandmother Paolina and her grandmother Rose feed people the comfort food of their Italian heritage, run a fruit farm and run a business. She watched her other grandparents, Augustus and Angelina Vetrano, grow a garden, preserve food, and bake cookies, cakes, cheesecakes and pie. She learned how to make tomato sauce and jams and watched Angelina and Augustus feed their family with nourishing food and love.

In her teenage years she worked for a long time at the gas station, which her father Julius had opened across the street from The Little Cabin Inn in the early 1980’s.

Uninspired, burnt out and needing a creative outlet that was more suited for her spirit, Julie decided to take a daunting step and re-opened her family’s business, along with her husband David. She took a life time of food inspiration, memories and love, combined with a business degree, and reimagined The Little Cabin Inn into “Haven Coffee and Espresso Bar.”


“I wanted to create a space where I could be creative, have a peaceful and calm atmosphere and create real, homemade, nourishing food and drink. I created my own Haven away from all the chaos of the world around me, and that is how I came up with the name...”

    -Julie Neely.



Everything from the original wood bar and antique back bar mirrors when you first walk in, to the dining furniture, plates and silverware, are all original. They date back to when this little “mom and pop”, brick and mortar restaurant and bar first opened so many generations before. Still kept in amazing condition thanks to many generations of careful and considerate use.


Rich with so much history, care, and love, you can’t help but get the warm and fuzzies just sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and some of Julie’s “good for the soul” baked goods. Her breakfast and lunch menu is filled with that feel good comfort food we all crave. Knowing ingredients are locally sourced and all food is homemade will have you feeling even better.


Julie’s mission is to create a Haven not just for herself at Haven Coffee and Espresso Bar, but also for all her amazing and supportive customers. Every item of food or baked deliciousness you eat was prepared with care and love, as her grandparents and great grandparents had done for 3 generations before her. That is what Haven and Julie are all about.